Sport at Mar Bella beach

“Body and mind” should be in harmony… A lot of people knows that, but really do not work on it…

Wing Shun helped me to find that balance; And now I practice it in a train, park, beach, in the mountains and anywhere:  If i have to wait in a line for my turn I just stand correctly in Horse stance… Am not crazy i just feel lack of free time so.

But if I planin’ going to the beach with friends i get a ball or a racket to play some… it is funny and sporty as well. 

Do some sport if you want fresh Ideas.Image  


Acerca de Carabalí

Musician and artist Músico e imaginario. Origami, mùsica, bellas artes, arquitectura, lectura y fotografía... Absorbo toda bondad. Me gustan las cosas simples, el Papel. La percepción de lo inquietantemente vacío. Soy: Virtual Vital. #ArbolRasta. #@iToussman. #LaTiendaChina.#Pásalo record.. C.F.C: #Cuban Flanger Collision, #Cultura Sankofa. @JeycBalmaseda. #OmoOshun. #El Negro De Las Anti-Jazz. #Experimental Sounds.
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